Scrolling right side section under Developer Tools > Services / States

Right now, when I go to Developer Tools > Services or States, the right side section that list all available services or currecnt entities is very long. Each time when I want to check the properties for each services or entities that located at the bottom of the list, I have scroll the whole page to the bottom, click on it, then scroll back to the top to see the properties. This is very annoying.

This can be easily fixed by simply add overflow: overlay in the CSS for that section.

Hope this can be implemented for future version.


Second that

Third that! :slight_smile:

Have you submitted a github issue or pull request?

I have no idea how to do that. never use github before.

Feature-requests should not be posted on GitHub issues - that’s mentioned in the contributing guidelines :wink: Here is the right place.

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I’m fairly certain this could be counted as a bug. If possible I would suggest you fix it and send a pull request and if not open a Issue.

I don’t know if it qualifies as a bug or as normal behavior in Polymer because the same thing happens in the services side too. It doesn’t look like the right side is a “section” at all; it’s all one page.

I wasn’t aware. =)

Dude, I learn something new every time I visit the forums! I spend time catching up on threads, then pop over to help whomever I can and that usually leads to me researching something for someone and making a discovery. :laughing: