Scrypted, Home Assistant, Echo Show and Homekit

After not being able to get UniFi doorbell videos to show on my Echo Show devices using Home Assistant UniFi and Alexa integrations, I have installed Scrypted on my HA Yellow box and will play with that to sort this out. Here’s what I am looking to do.

  1. Get the Unifi Doorbell working with Echo Show devices
  2. Get All cameras working on Apple Home (Unifi, Ring and Eufy)
  3. Be able to ask Alexa to “Show a camera” on my Echo Show

For this, do I need to remove Unifi and Ring integrations from HA? What about the Homekit integration? I was testing Homebridge and really liked how it integrated with Apple Home?

So Scrypted Alexa integration is not working for me and is a no go. If I run Homebridge and connect the Unifi cameras there (so I can use them with HKSV). how do I then bring them into HA? Do they automatically show up as Homekit devices? And if so, can I use the Unifi Doorbell entity to detect button press for automation?