Scrypted with ingress support


Wanted to learn a bit more about ingress and how to create add-ons so I scribbled together an add-on for Scrypted with ingress support:

Edit: some people are experiencing issues with getting this to work (see below). Unfortunately, I don’t have time to figure out why. The project on Github can be opened in VS code if you wan’t to play with it and try to find the reason of the endless loop.

Yes, it’s the same but here is also support for ingress for those who need it.

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Thought i’d give this a try. It installed fine and when I went to the ui. There was a box to put in a username, password and confirm password. Filled it out and pressed ok. But the dialog box wanting username and password pops up. I put the details in I put in before, but the psssword dialog keeps popping up and I can get no further.

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I am also see this same issue, installation is smooth but it continues to ask for the username and password and doesn’t proceed. If you put in a wrong username and password it tells you but nothing else. I read on a separate forum that the browser needs to connect to the local scrypted server using the https protocol and looking at the logs of the scrypted add on through Home Assistant it looks like its using http. Maybe this is the problem?

A separate question I had was that when I installed the add on and re installed it, I was asked for the username and password that I had set up the first time around, is there some leftover files I need to purge for that data to be reset?

This looks like a very useful add on and I really appreciate the work you’ve done and any further assistance you could provide, thanks!

Hey for the people stuck in a login loop, I was able to fix it by using Chrome instead of safari, something about the SSL cert that safari doesn’t like.

My experience was with chrome, and (as above) was unsuccessful.

Also stuck in login loop. Tried on Chrome and Edge.

Yep, seems to be irretrievably broken.