SD Card Full / Out of Disk Space - Proper Fix?

I’ve read through some of the other threads but not quite sure the correct way to approach things here.

I’m running on an RPi with 32Gb microSD.

First symptom is that I noticed cards with history were showing no graphs. Then Samba addon erroring out. Then try to SSH in and got error creating /tmp//tmux-0 (no space left on device)

So I guess I need to delete my logs and history db. But uh… how?

  • No SMB
  • No SSH
  • Popping microSD into another machine (MacOS) just shows 42MB resin boot partition because

Update: Found this thread about accessing the SD card which explained that I could see the other partitions via Paragon EXTFS-Mac.

Once I did that I found what I needed in:

Others, who have a later version of from after the change from Resin to HassOS, I believe would find it at:

Now, another thing I discovered is that I have some super huge backups in resin-data/backups (1Gb each, and they’re daily!) so I need to dig in and see what I did there.

I have this same problem and have found 6Gb worth of backups. I can read them using Paragon but is there any way to actually delete them? I don’t want to do anything apart from delete these back ups so I can free up space

Hass.IO / Snapshots / Click on the individual snapshot. At the bottom, click on the red trashcan.

how is that solution?