Sd card set up on Raspberry

I am new to both Raspberry pi and home assistant. So this is a basic question.

I installed the Raspbian OS using a Noobs sd card. Then installed Home aSsistant with the pi 4 64bit image on a different sd card. I believe I should have put these on the same card. Is that right?

If so, my HA sd card has more memory so I guess I need to copy this the Noobs onto the 2nd card so that I can reinstall home assistant along with the operating system. Does this make sense?

NO… just download the correct image on the desired SD card from site below.

No, the noobs image gains him nothing

OK I should have Raspbian and home assistant on the same sd card now. However, tutorials I have seen suggest that the raspberry should reboot at the end of installation. I seem to be stuck on the installation screen. The web page and Home Assistant app on my android are connecting fine. However, I was expecting Raspbian to open on my Pi.

You are running HassOS it has it’s own OS built in it has no desktop.

You can’t have two OS on one card.

OK. So any changes need to be done on that os cad screen? Including making configuration.yaml changes?

This is a very different way of working. So used to Windows apps and servers. I really need to find a good guide to using Hass at command level.

What? The link is full OS image?

The link to hass OS images at the link

From a ,“I just wanna run ha” standpoint it is all that’s needed.

No you can do it in the web UI with File editor addon or install the samba addon and do it on your desktop computer.

OP mentioned noobs so it sounds like he used noobs to add raspbian then I guess etched HassOS and wiped raspbian with the HassOS but it’s all a bit confusing as not a lot of detail on what was exactly done.

Noobs is a pre-written card from the rpi foundation with different configurations on it (never used it myself), it contains a boot loader.
I 100% agree with you, just load the pi4 (I think that’s what he’s got and I can’t be bothered to scroll up) hassos image and write that.
I think he doesn’t know what headless is.
I was trying to stay out of this, as he’s very confusing :crazy_face:

Edit: here’s the link, and a quick scan shows it is not appropriate for an HA install