SD read only mode, no recent backups - manual copy and restore?


Relatively new HA user - been using it for around a year - Raspberry Pi with SD card and HassOS.

As I can see from the forums is a relatively common issue, my SD card has gone full-readonly on me, meaning HA boots and works fine for general use, but anything more taxing (specifically - trying to create a snapshot…) and Hassio craps out and restarts.

Unfortunately just before this happened, I did a ton of customisation, added a whole load of shellys around my house, got rid of lightwave etc. Whilst the disk has all of those changes, my last snapshot is before all of that. Of course…

I can still access the file system via SFTP, so my question is, if I’m going to rebuild HA on a new RPi with an SSD instead of an SD card, what files do I need to take with me, given it won’t create a snapshot. I’ve got my entire config dir including .storage, and I’ve copied my lovelace seperately as well.

Anything else I need to grab? Does anyone have a good guide for restoring when you have the files but not the snapshot - I assume it can’t be a simple as just overwriting the stock files with the contents of my config and .storage folders, but perhaps it is?

Any advice welcome (other than take more regular backups and copy them off the Pi - I know, I know!)

If you overwrite the /config on a new installation with your saved /config (including the hidden files/directories), your HA should be restored, except the contents of any add-on. But I don’t know where HA OS saves the configuration of the add-ons.