SD to SSD Zigbee Fail

About 2 years ago I moved from SmartThings to Hass. I bout a RPI4, threw in an SD card and a Nortek Z-Wave/Zigbee stick, and got up and running. I have over 100 devices on it now across an array of technologies, but I’m not doing anything all that crazy, and generally it’s worked just fine despite the SD card.

Lately, fearing that I may be reaching end of life on the SD, and reading recommendations to move to SSD, I made the jump. I bought a PNY Pro Elite v2 500gb SSD, followed the recommended upgrade path (flashed the SSD, back-up HASS, remove SD, hook up SSD, restore). In general… it seemed to go fine.

Except it didn’t. Zigbee never came back up, and about 25 of my devices (and clearly the more critical of my devices) never came online again. Z-wave was initially also down, but a few clicks later that was working.

I keep trying to reconfigure Zigbee, but no dice. I am wondering if anybody has any recommendations on how I can fix this (other than starting over from scratch). I am not that techie at all, so if you have recommendations, please provide them at idiot level :slight_smile:

  • Don’t use an USB3 port for your dongle, but USB2
  • Use an USB extension cable to keep your dongle away from the SSD
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I was really hoping it was this simple, but alas… no change. Thanks for the suggestion regardless @francisp.

Any other ideas?