SDM630 power meter hassio

Hey there is there any integration of SDM630 to HASSIO?

I found this
how can i know which register i need to read?
should i refer to register address or to modbus address?

you can read the values from sdm630 with tasmota and esp8266 and send them to hass via mqtt

I have modbus converter connected for the relays …
so i think it is redundant to add another wifi connection to read the data…

I am getting some data voltage is ok
but still waiting for accurate info from current

  • platform: modbus
    scan_interval: 30

    • name: Phase Line 1
      unit_of_measurement: Volts
      slave: 50
      register: 0
      register_type: input
      count: 2
      data_type: float
    • name: Phase Line 2

anyone can assist with the syntax of the register addresses?

should it be in decimal or hex?

Hello @poratnir,

I will try to do the same connection between Hassio and SDM630…

About your question “should it be in decimal or hex?”, I think I should be HEX.

Let me ask you what kind of RS485 to USB did you use? Could you tell me the model?

Is your setup working right now?


I have integrated SDM630 with Hassio using waveshare (Energy metering with Eastron SDM630 v2 Modbus) :slight_smile:

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I am thinking about getting the Eastron SDM630-wifi and combine it with the rfxcom. I want to read the data to determine the 380V power usage of our heating system. Does anybody have experience with this? Will this actually work? And how?

why not work directly with modbus?

Hi Nir Porat.

I installed the Eastron SDM630 wifi in my fuse box and it works great with the app that came with it. Would love to retrieve data with HA. Any idea what I should do next? I can’t find any article directly related to this. Perhaps not possible at all?



Hi i have component for sdm630 to esphome
my GitHub

hi, any instruction please?

Same as this