Sdomotica Addon MQTT

Hie everybody,

I’m running Hassio on Tinker Board-S, in Docker (under Debian GNU/Linux 10), HA version . In Portainer The IPV4 Subnet is

I always have the HAssio notification "Login attempt or request with invalid authentification from

I bought the Bticino Legrand Ecocompteur and download the Addon

I download the Sdodomita mnual here :slight_smile:

I followed step from p1 to 7.
IP Ecocompteur :
IP Hassio : but in DockerFiles

Nevertheless…the statut is “Not connected”. I 'm using other components on MQTT and it works well. What could be the problem please ?

Does anyone use it please ?

I have that message (I’m running Hassio in Docker) :

Many thanks

I had the answer.

The actually Addon doesn’t works.
The next could be paid and not free. So I’ll won’t purchase with that product.
Quite surprised that people propose taking control of our PC via Anydesk to solve the problem. It’s not my used, apologize for that.

For information… :wink:

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