Sdomotica Addons for BTicino (Living Now Smart, Alarm, SCS Bus, Smarther1 and Smarther2)

I’m very pleasure to share with you my addons suite for all the BTicino Legrand products as:

  1. Myhomeserver1, MyHome_up, F454, MH200, F453
  2. Living Now Smart Zigbee (without 500 daily calls limit, now is very responsive)
  3. Alarm 4200/4201/4202
  4. Smarther 1 X8000
  5. Smather2 X8002

All are in this repo

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Ciao Sandro.

This is great, I was thinking to buy the Living Now wall switches, but I didn’t know if there was an integration made for HA. Glad to find this.

I’ll contact you to understand a little better how it works.

Thanks a lot for your work.


Hello i have installed that and will be trying it on a F454 installation.
Therefore i have some questions about 2 points not clear about passwords in the manual please :

1/ Here i set up sdomotica as username and password ?

2/ Here i put the HomeAssistant password right ?

3/ Here i put the ip of home assistant right ?

My HA ip is so i should put : ? Really ?

Thank you

You are using a discontinued addon as warning in changelog.
I can help you on setup this old addon, please contact me on skype pfeifer-1968 or Facebook messenger Sdomotica Sandro Di Marco