Search entity registry by node or by name

Since we have to use the entity registry page now to rename nodes, please give us the ability to search based on node_id and on device name. Or at least the ability to sort the list. Right now it’s a pain in the backside to find the entities to rename them.

I think I remember seeing that the missing cog should be fixed in the next release.

that would be nice. But it would also be nice if anytime a list or grid is used, if we had the ability to sort and search by the columns in that list/grid. It’s just basic UI design.

This is pretty close to what I just came to request, which is filtering the list by entity type and/or platform.

Definitely a good idea, especially once you start to build up a lot of entities. The states developer page already does this, so I doubt it would be difficult to implement the same functionality in the entity registry.