Search feature in this forum

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Am i the only one to REALLY REALLY REALLY hate the feature that if i press CTRL-F to search a word in a post, it opens the forum’s search and not the browser’s one?

This is the only place i saw on internet that does that. And it’s a nightmare when you search a word in a long thread.

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I’m also disturb a lot by this but it’s a functionality of all Discourse based forums and not only here.
Here is the reason why devs make this choice:

You still have the possibility to force the use of the browser search in it’s menus but yes with mouse click.

Press CTRL + F twice.

This works on firefox, not sure about other browsers.

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Yeah thanks! Works fine on chrome too.

I know some forums have a way to display a page with the entire thread at once, often called something like ‘print thread’, so you can then search thru with ctrl-F

It would be nice if there was a way to do that on this forum as some threads are over 1000+ posts long and finding info within them can be a pain.

You can restrict the discouse search to the thread you are n.