Search for a way to collect all Datas from Home?

im´m new in SmartHome and on october we get a Photovoltaik on the roof.
At this time i use the Kostal Plentocore 8.5 the the Kostal App and stored Data in Kostal Cloud Systems.
The second System for smarthome i used is the Rademacher HomePilot System which will worked well.

I´m searching a system that will be collect all datas from the Kostal Systems in an own local System which can make backup and be a master of own Datas.

I dont want to connect to a cloud for load datas i want to have it local in my own home.
It is nice when it will use an app that can show all datas from now.

The second what i want to do is the monitoring the room thermostats from Rademacher. The Home Pilot System from Rademache dont can do it.

Now i want to ask here is it possible to do that with Home Assistant?
In our Home run a Synology NAS 1819+ with 16GB of RAM and it have enough Performance to can run one application more.