Search for power plug with current measurement function (ZHA / Conbee2) for EU / Germany

Hi there,

The title says it all.
Find an adapter that can also measure current. Does anyone have a recommendation for my above configuration?

Greetings Werner

Except where you live, which is rather important for a power plug :wink:

Oh sorry.
Germany / EU


Personally i don’t have any zigbee plugs but if you havn’t already then i recommend this part of the ZHA guide. Also this link in that section might help too.


Hi there,
I had already seen that. However, the list is far too short and sometimes not correct.
Hence my question for a recommendation based on experience.

Greetings Werner

I use Xiaomi (semi-cheap) and Tuya (cheap) with no issue. They only report power, not energy (maybe a ZHA issue) but that’s not an issue with HA with the rieman integration.

Just bough those that work fine:

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Vielen Dank. Werde ich mal testen.

So, @Herbert01 - what did you end up using? Im also looking to measure the consumption on a few always pluged in devices such as oven, dish washer, dryer, tv…

A friend is using AVM DECT smart plugs but only because they were gifted to him.

This one works fine for me:

Neat. Thanks!
This got me into an aliexpress rabithole that ended at they offer esphome preflased plugs that are the same model as tuja and others.

Wifi, but esphome …

FYI, those devices are using Wi-Fi and not using Zigbee (which this thread + forum is specifically about).

I use Aqara plug. I have changed to Z2M, however pretty sure they also report energy and current on ZHA.

The Blackadder site shows a lot of information about different zigbee devices, however not always fully updated on functionality.

Zigbee2MQTT supported devices list more details on capabilities each device exposes, inc. current: →