Search Function in UI Raw-Editor , and code-editor-mode on Native cards

As i use “storage-mode” and often edits in UI , i miss a “search-function” to search for the specific “words-lines” in my card/view code.

Some vertical-stack ( i have views i.e masonry-default(native) , with 3 vertical-stack (native-card) With something about +500>+1200 rows, each , And Views(Dashboards) with +2000 rows
It’s Not “optimal” to edit in the UI, with i.e the “tiny” Card-code-editor-mode, even if i use “Raw Editor” of the view instead, i still scroll alot and often forward-backwards do to “similar/identical” cards and “code-sections”.

With a search function ( in Raw-Editor-mode(dashboard/view) and Card-code-editor-mode ), one could i.e search for card-name, device/entity-name , or other specific words(tags)
This would Simplify and be a very Convenient Enhancement in the UI