Search to find where an entity is used


Let’s say you renamed an entity, so you have to replace it everywhere you use it.

In the different yaml files (configuration, templates, timers,… .yaml) it is simple : open de file and do a find (and replace).

But what about the different dashboards ?

Lovelace dashboards are easy enough. The raw editor now has a find and replace function (ctrl+f with raw view open). You have to do this for each dashboard.

As for the built in dashboards like Energy, you have to search them manually with your eyes.

Also just FYI, this report is definitely worth running if you are looking for missing entities in your yaml files:

Thank you Tom.

Can I access the dashboards outside HA ? The reason I’m asking this is because I accidentally deleted a dashboard… I have a backup, so no problem.
However, yesterday I just took a copy of HA in Windows Explorer. For example, when I incorrectly modify something in an automation or script or… then I can simply view that copy (without having to restore a backup). But I don’t know where the files of the dashboards are stored…

They are in config/.storage/lovelace

Super, thank you !