Searching a linear actuator for dummies

Hi all,

I would like to close a window at a certain point in time. It just needs to be closed and not locked, so a single ‘push’ would be sufficient. I thought about just a linear actuator triggered each night at 5 in the morning.

On YouTube I’ve found a couple of videos, but they are old and somehow not really matching.

My questions are:

  • Is there any recommendation for a linear actuator (the quieter, the better); ~100mm length
  • What is the current way to control this actuator?
  • Best would be to get something with a proper power adapter; there is an outlet near the window, but I’m no electrician :wink:

Thanks a lot

sketch up the requirements,
where does the linear actuator attach to?
how do you ‘override’ it to open the window manually?
is the window a push out at an angle window
a sliding up or down window?

old sash windows used a counterweight to make them easy to open, that could be easy to automate with a simple motor for example

Nothing special - let’s get away from the detailed scenario.

I could mount the actuator on a closet and then, horizontally, move out the arm to push against the window. I do not even want to open the window again. I just need something to automatically move the arm of the actuator.
The main issue from my side is that I cannot new wires to my outlets. So if there would be a device with a nice power adapter available, I would be happy.


I would suggest using gas spring actuators to do most of the work. Their scilent and need no power. Gas spring calculator: calculate your own gas strut | use this calculator to lower the power needed to open or close whatever you need adding a lower power electronically controlled actuator that will push or pull past the leverage point and let the gas springs do the rest.

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The idea is good, thanks for the hint.