Searching for a better way to display my thermostats


I’m loving the generic thermostat cards, however it has it’s limitations:

  • As I want to display my temperatures with 0.1 precision I also need to set the temperature by 0.1 degrees. I want to have target temperature steps by 0.5 degrees.
  • On touchscreens it would be way more user friendly if you can change the temperature with up/down-arrows.
  • It would be nice to display the humidity as well inside the circle.

I know this can be accomplished by using the custom simple thermostat card but then the current temperature is displayed way too small and it doesn’t look that good for my setup.
The custom thermostat_card almost ticks all of the boxes but is way too big so I can’t make it fit my dashboards.

Is there any way to add this functionality to the current generic thermostat card and has anyone done this?

There are a number of custom thermostat cards in hacs.

This is my view of the thermostats both generic and physical. I use the simple thermostat from hacs and the scheduler .

Thanks you both for the replies but as I already mentioned there aren’t any custom cards in hacs that suit my needs. Simple thermostat isn’t an option as it doesn’t display the current temperature big enough.

Have you tried this? You haven’t mentioned it.

Also, the font sizes in simple thermostat seem to specifically allow you to set the font size. Are you sure it doesn’t display the temp big enough?


I tried that one as well. The card is way too big to fit on my dashboard screen.
As for the simple thermostat. Card mod doesn’t seem to work that good for me. Also it will never look as slick as the default thermostat card.