Searching for a Home Assistant compatible rice cooker / steam cooker


I’m looking for brands that do cookers that I can connect to Home Assistant. For now, the only ones I’ve found are from Xiaomi, using this add on:

The problem is that it doesn’t leave much choice as this brand is extremely rare in my country, both new and used.

Is there other brands or models that I don’t know about?
Is there workarounds?

Thanks in advance for your help, have a good day.

  1. Order on AliExpress
  2. CHEF iQ Smart Cooker - The World's Smartest Pressure Cooker w. WiFi
  3. Build in a esphome element, if you are a tinkerer.

Assuming you just want to know when the rice is finished, it would be a lot cheaper to put it into a smart plug that has power monitoring.

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Hi, did you manage to integrate Chef IQ smart cooker to Home Assistant?

I did not. I am not a tinkerer. You have to build in a esphome element.