Searching for a sensor to detect second hand smoking

I have a neighbor who smokes cigarettes and also sometimes Iqos few floors below us. Unfortunately the second hand smoke somehow gets to our flat, it can’t be solved. I would like to detect the smoke and activate a ventilator to get it out. Can you recommend some sensor which could detect the smoke? Thank you.
Thank you.

They have those things in high school bathrooms, so they are out there.

I would try an plantower sensor which is used on all the cheap AQI sensors. If you want a mostly pre-made one then look at airgradient.

There are a few particle sensors supported by ESPHome if you want to go the DIY route. I have this one and it works well to detect when I am soldering:

Wow. I just found this. Much nicer than airgradient. Look at the display!!