Searching for an easy-to-use database, integrated in HA as add-on

My really good experience with the add-on repositories of alexbelgium - praise him for excellent work :slight_smile: and super support - gives me hope, that someone has built an integration for an easy-to-use database (f.e. using the ha-database …).

I’m dreaming of a browser-based, simple to configure solution, that takes any kind of data and allows to list, search … you specialists know, what I’m talking about. An enviroment like “AIRTABLE” or “FILEMAKER”, but as integration in HA and - this would be perfect - with means to exchange data between HA-items and the database.

But for step #1, an integrated database would be fine. Without all gimmicks.

Has anyone seen something like this?
Any hint will be warmly welcome.

Kind regards

If it is just plain db stuff then MySQL / MariaDB is globally used, has a plethora of free tools to use, etc.
For more advanced graphical stuff then InfluxDb… but you need to like it too :slight_smile: