Searching for night light

Hello Community,

i’m looking for a night light to put in kids bedroom.

Here is what I would like:

  • Connectable to HA (:blush:): wifi (mqtt) or zigbee (open for something else). I can flash it if needed
  • Motion sensor
  • It should support at least these 2 modes: light always on and light on motion
  • Battery or outlet (outlet preferred)

My goal is to have it in “always light on” for 1 hour after kids are sleeping then in “motion mode” during the night and completely off during the day.

I’m from Europe (Belgium).

I can’t find what I would like, I can find some that are not connected or others that are connected, but not with the functionality I want.

Thanks for your input !


Those functions you want can be easily configured once you have all the hardware.

I believe it’s easier if you first get the hardware then we can help with the configuration.

He is asking about HW suggestion :smiley:

First google search

But still you will spend some time to integrate the script etc.

I thought the problem was the config.
My bad…

But hardware. Pick any suppose… I don’t believe any light will limit you in the purpose you had in mind.

Well if some HW doesnt have any API, what will you do? soldering dismounting. Its for me yes but not for the OP i guess :stuck_out_tongue: As i see he want HW to operate from HA instant after purchase

Indeed, i’m looking for the hardware.

@ukro Thanks for your input. It doesn’t have a mention sensor, so it can’t fit for kids bedrooms, but It could fit for my living room actually. I already wrote an integration, so writing another one for meross is not a issue (while this is much more investment than expected :slight_smile:). Also, soldering is the limit for me, I could solder something, but my skills are quite bad :frowning:

Actually, I was only searching for “night light” but maybe I should also search for ambient light.

Anyway, if you have idea, don’t hesitate.

Yeah why you actualy need the night light? i have this for my kids.

It take almost no electricity, its LED with a light sensor.

Here is my use case:

  • Kids are going to sleep -> light on
  • After 1 hour or so -> light off and motion sensor on to light on where kids are going out of the bed (they are 3 and 6, so they could wake up to pee and not to be afraid by the dark).
  • At 7am, everything off until the next night.
  • (bonus: having some notification when they’re going out of bed :stuck_out_tongue:)

I could buy some xiaomi motion sensor and plug a light to a connected socket, but I think this is a bit overkill, this is why i’m trying to find an aio hardware.

As I understand, your hardware suggestion is not connected right ?

I’m from Belgium (Flanders).

We use a ‘Nijntje’ lamp, but replaced the bulb with a hue bulb. They can turn it manually on with a xiamo aqara remote. It is dimmed automatically after an hour. Add a motion sensor, and you are set.

We have it turn green when they are allowed to get up in the morning. Otherwise they will be running around at 6 AM.


I like the concept of the “green when time” :smiley:

I also thought of a light (whatever light) and a motion sensor, but it found that a bit overkill, but as I can see there is no perfect hardware for what I want to do. So gonna have a try with motion sensor and a bulb.
First, I need the wife approval, but since kids are waking up us I think she will agree :blush:

But as I can see, the lamp is only 30, 50 or 80cm right ? It seems a bit big to me, but anyway i’m gonna ask my wife to have to beautiful stuff she wants and i’m gonna do “my magic”.

Thanks for your input !

It is a bit big, but our kids really like it.

rigth as the automation that you want i dont need :smiley: for this use case.
Neverless i see that you really want it, so good luck :smiley:
here you go, 20$
Cololight modular smart wifi light base


mhh this is also interesting.

Thank you guys @ukro and @devastator

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For those still in search:

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