Searching Presence Sensor with 1-2 Seconds on Time

for an installation I am searching for an presence sensor which has an on-time of online 1-2 seconds after the last movement detected. All the ones you can buy on the market (at least the one I found) have an on-time of at least 10 seconds.

The sensor should be able to cover a radius of around 18-20 Meters.

This is for an art installation and we need to trigger with the sensor an Arduino which is doing all the rest of dimming etc. The arduino part is working fine - we need to solve the sensor part.

Thanks for any help and info - really appreciate your time

I think you’re going to have a hard time with the 20 meter requirement. If you can find something that does that distance that would work with ESPHome, you can set the “on-time” to basically whatever you want. I had some cheap PIR sensors plugged into an ESP32 board that I set to be “on” until 1 second after last motion, so I know the logic is possible if, again, you can find a sensor that has the range you need.

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