Searching sensors with selectattr

I am trying in vain to list all sensors that either start with sensor.stock_ for a calculation. Or which contain the attribute ‘typ’.
For example, I can retrieve the value for {{ states.sensor.stock_biontech.attributes.typ }} without error. But I do not get any value for

{% set entities = states.sensor
  | selectattr('entity_id', 'match', 'sensor.stock_.*')
  | list %}

And I get an error when I search for ‘typ’:
selectattr('attributes.typ', 'eq', '123').
It reports that there is no sensor with attribute ‘typ’, which is certainly not true.

Copy-paste the following template into the Template Editor and confirm it reports what you want.

{% set entities = states.sensor
  | selectattr('object_id', 'match', 'stock_')
  | map(attribute='entity_id')
  | list %}
{{ entities }}

Thank You! Is it also possible to filter for a attribute? E.g. custom_color?
{{ states.sensor|selectattr('attributes.custom_color','eq','red')|list|count }} gives me UndefinedError: 'homeassistant.util.read_only_dict.ReadOnlyDict object' has no attribute 'custom_color'
But there are entities with custom_color:

If I do {% set count = states | selectattr('attributes.custom_color', 'defined') | selectattr('attributes.custom_color', 'eq', 'red') | list | count %} , I get no error, but also no results.
Also with correct typo:

Uups, I forgot the {{ count }} :see_no_evil:
Works now!
And I managed to get the sum of the attributes:

{% set entities = states.sensor 
  | selectattr('attributes.custom_color', 'defined')
  | selectattr('object_id', 'match', 'stock_')
  | selectattr('attributes.custom_color', 'eq', 'red') 
  | list %}
{#{ entities }#}
{% set sum = entities
  | map(attribute='attributes.price')
  | map('replace', ',', '.')
  | map('float')
  | sum %}
{{ sum }}

The Solution tag is assigned to the post that answers/corrects the original question/problem (not subsequent questions/problems that introduce additional complexity to the original question/problem). You asked how to list all sensors starting with a given string and I showed you how to do that correctly. That’s the Solution.

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i’m sorry and thank you for the information, i hadn’t paid attention to that. that was indeed the decisive hint. but i’ve just corrected it.

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