Season / Month condition in a flow

Hi team!

I am pretty new to NR, but liking what I am seeing so far.
I have started migrating some of my more complex automations over, and want to try to get a bit clever.

Is there an easy way to set a condition based on the season (or by months?)
My use case is turning an AC on early in the morning. In pure HA i used to have it set, but then just turn off the automation once it wasnt needed any more.

Ive improved it somewhat by now having different time of the day for weekdays and weekends, which is working.
I tried using bigtimer to set the winter months, but didnt have any luck. Is there a better/easier way?
A slimmed down simplified version of the flow. Marked in yellow is where i would like to evaluate if its winter or not.

In an automation in HA you could just use the season sensor as a condition. I would assume the same is possible in NR? Why did you feel the need to switch?

Gosh, how did i not know about this sensor.

I guess ill add that to HA, and use it as a condition in NR.

That fixed it. I cant believe i didnt know about it! Maybe i should do away with the NR automation, and just have 2 different HA automations with the workday sensor (another one I didnt know about!)

Hahahaha… yeah especially when you have HA automations working, the reasons for switching escape me.

The main reason was i didnt want to have 2 seperate automations for weekends and weekdays, but i think thats a silly use case.

To me where NR really makes sense is when you want to evaluate a condition somewhere down the chain rather than upfront.

Also its fun to play with new things right? :slight_smile:

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If you want to have it for the weekdays… than I can recommend this Light-Scheduler-node