Seattle DIY Internet of Things Meetup

I’m the co-founder of this meetup.

Seattle DIY Internet of Things - June 2019

This isn’t a HA specific meetup. All tech is welcome. However, I’m a huge fan of HA, so I hope to see some folks from the HA community.

This is awesome!
I added it to my calendar just now.

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Great to meet you yesterday @Jardiamj! Glad you could make it out!

It was great to be there and get to know you guys! I’m looking forward to the next Meetup.
We need to start tossing some ideas for a workshop and get working on some more presentation material as suggested.
I am very excited about this Meetup group.

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Quick poll to see if people are interested in live-streaming the Home Assistant State of the Union IRL somewhere in Seattle.
Like this post if this is something you’d be interesting in. I can try and find a venue if we can get enough people interested.

Note that since the event is in Belgium (which is 9 hours ahead of Seattle?) we may want to do something on the evening of the 14th instead of trying to live-stream.