Second Doorbird Instance in 0.108

Updated to 0.108; another great iteration, thank you to those who contribute to this.

Upon upgrading, as predicted, the Integrations menu mentioned that it found Doorbird. However, it found two instances not just one. I initially assumed this was some sort of error but, when I went to the referenced IP, sure enough it had the same DoorBird text as I would find at the regular IP address. Punching the same login details into the second instance yielded an authentication error.

The system works exactly as it did before, but I can’t help but wonder what this second instance is and if it is of some benefit within HA. If anyone has any insight, it would be appreciated.

Have you connected the DoorBird with wifi as well as with Ethernet? That’s the only thing I can think or right now.

No, it’s connected only by Ethernet. However, your suggestion made me look at what my router says about this second IP address. It confirms that it is wired and also shows that it consumes a fair amount of traffic.

Are there any Doorbird users who are not seeing this second instance following the update to 0.108?

Well me… I only see one instance. But I hadn’t connected my doorbird before 0.108. So I might not be the perfect test subject.

Can you block the second IP in your router and reboot HA to see what happens?

Which model DoorBird do you have? I am using the d2101v.

Some more digging suggests that the actual doorbell is at the second (previously unbeknownst) IP address and the ancillary devices (camera, IR light, motion sensor) are at the first (typcially used) IP address. The entities generated within the Integration UI only reflect these and it seems to me that the event for a ring is missing from /developer-tools/event (motion and reset favorites are the only ones present).

I have tried all possible combinations of userID and password for the secondary instance, including use of the token, but always get an authentication error. As I do not have automations that rely on the ring, this is not really affecting me but it could be an issue for some if my guess is right.

EDIT: … although I cannot imagine why the ringer alone would consume so much traffic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

EDIT2: … Nope. Doorbell still rings if I block secondary IP. HA somehow still detects its presence. This may remain a mystery.

I have the most simple one, D101.

I’m out of tricks to figure this out. I hope you get it sorted soon. Good luck