Secrets.yaml only works for some values

I am running 0.102

I had everything working with all the info in configuration.yaml, but decided to break out my secrets into secrets.yaml. But things aren’t working as expected.

my secrets.yaml file looks like this:

# zwave
  zwave_network_key: X

# Pushover
  pushover_api_key: X
  pushover_user_key: X

# Nest
  nest_id: X
  nest_secret: X

# Lutron
  lutron_ip: X
  lutron_mac: X

The relevant portions of my config.yaml file are

# Z Wave
  usb_path: /dev/ttyACM0
  network_key: secret! zwave_network_key

# Nest
  client_id: secret! nest_id
  client_secret: secret! nest_secret

# Lutron caseta
    - host: secret! lutron_host
      mac: secret! lutron_mac

  - name: pushover
    platform: pushover
    api_key: secret! pushover_api_key
    user_key: secret! pushover_user_key

I’ve swapped out the secret! secretname version for the actual data for each one individually. Each time, I check the config before restarting and it checks out fine, but here’s what happens:

  • Z Wave: homeassistant doesn’t load
  • Pushover: homeassistant loads, but notifications aren’t sent
  • Nest: everything works fine
  • Lutron: I have to re-run the integration report, and when I do, it pulls in all the IDs for my dimmers, but I can’t control them. This one is the most understandable because I’m using a plugin that’s not merged into homeassistant yet, and all the files live in a subfolder - not sure if that makes a difference.

Does anyone have thoughts on how to fix this?

Use “!secret” not “secret!”

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Thank you! That worked!