Secrets.yaml with addons

I’m having trouble using the secrets.yaml file with add-ons.
If I put !secret ssh_username in place of “username” when editing the config of the ssh add-on the text changes red and I can’t save.
The SSH & Web Terminal add-on documentation says it supports secrets e.g., !secret ssh_username .
I have no problem with secrets in configuration.yaml

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Ever get this figured out? Same issue here.

No I never did.
Not as much of a problem now that most addons use’s authentication system

same here, how to resolve? :slight_smile:

Example solution:

 username : '!secret ssh_username' 

Thank you the quotes seem to be required for the add-ons but not configuration.yaml
Would have been good if the docs had the quotes shown.
Now I can’t even find where it says about the secrets support.