Sections Experimental - Potential bug

As everyone already has indicated, yes, I know too it’s experimental…

Here’s the issue that’s been bothering me: when ‘selecting’ a section ‘block’ to interact with, in this example a ‘toggle’ list, once you try to ‘click’ on a certain element (toggle in this case), the whole sections ‘block’ inadvertently gets ‘activated’ and, sometimes, even moved around when NOT in EDIT mode:

You see above, left, a card with the toggle elements in regular VIEW mode and, once hovered and activated, the whole SECTION gets selected, right pic, as if in EDIT mode, which it isn´t. This happens on OVERVIEW page/dashboard, as well as individual/additional dashboards. Other than this, so far, the SECTIONS new experimental feature is pretty amazing. Just FYI, thx. :red_circle: