Secure dashboard that does not have any access to settings or critical information

I have a wall-mounted dashboard in my hallway. I want to lock off any critical information or access to settings in this dash. You should be able to set this in the dashboard settings.
Many people have public-facing dashboards that with a little knowledge, someone can alter settings or see critical information. Home Assistant is strong regarding online hacking but thinks of it as hacking in person.
Ideally, the dashboard could be set to access the menu with a PIN code or similar. I could not find anything ideal in the integrations.

I think many use the fully kiosk integration.

While this is true, I agree with sashaz on this one. I use the Fully Kiosked Browser on Google hubs doing a Dashcast does not stop you from accessing the HA menus if you simply interrupt the loading. HA should definitely have this functionality built in. More built in safety features would be a good thing rather than depend on integration and more added complexity. Not trying to slander Fully Kiosked Browser but editing dasboards that use kiosk mode is a also a bit more of a chore when they appear in full screen.

Ok, that sounds reasonable.
Just nice to get the missing features on fully kiosk, so it will not just be an equal product.