Secure devices / 2gig / adc


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I am new to Home Assistant and have been working on getting it setup. I have been fairly successful but have run into a big snag. My issues come when I input secure nodes. Is there a way to confirm my zwave garage door opener and zwave door locks are getting added in a secure mode? Everything seems to work fine in Home Assistant but when everything is finished, I add my 2Gig gc3 as a secondary panel to the raspi3 with Home Assistant. The gc3 panel add appears to go fine, all the zwave items are added and fine. No way to check operation on the door locks and garage door opener so I have alarm Dot com resync everything from the gc3 so I can set everything up. Lights and thermostats work perfect but the secure items, door locks and garage door opener, can’t communicate. Adc says,”secure connection not established during enrollment. Try deleting and re-adding the lock or contact support.”

Any assistance, greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Hi, Dan.
I’m not sure if you got this resolved already. I just started my Home Assistant installation recently. I was also having control issues with my door (Kwikset) and garage door opener (GoControl). Well, I’m still having problems with controlling my garage door opener. I’m not an expert with all of this in anyway. But I can note some of the things I tried (and some of the things I failed to achieve).

I installed open zwave control panel, and was able to control my door lock. Please make sure you uncomment and set your network key in options.xml. I was then able to control my door lock using open zwave control panel. However in Home Assistant, it was still a no go. Then I looked at options.xml file for Home Assistant (in the same place as your other yaml files) and saw that the network key was not set there even tho it was supposed to be synced. So, I ended up doing the following…

  • remove both devices from my zwave controller
  • set the same network key inside of configuration.yaml (below zwave: )
  • I also set config_path to the actual open zwave config directory
  • I then RESET both my devices to factory default
  • I added securely both devices back using Home Assistant Zwave interface

After that I was able to control my lock successfully

The garage door opener I wasn’t so lucky. I tried all kinds of stuff without any success. I think that open zwave doesn’t support barrier class devices until the release a few days ago. I was trying to update my open zwave code, but i cannot tell it the changes stuck. I also tried to upgrade my Home Assistant to version 0.65.6, but that didn’t take either. So, I ordered another microsd card and will do a new installation soon.

By the way, how were you able to add your 2gig panel as a secondary device to your Pi?? I have the 2GIG panel left from Vivint that I would like to re-use.



So, I have no problem controlling these items through Home Assistant. It is on the 2Gig GoControl 3 where the issues comes into play. Being ignorant, I added the 2Gig as a secure node on Home Assistant. Basically, I setup the gc3 as a secondary panel, and when it tells you too start the secondary panel learning process, I just hit add secure node and all the zwave devices transfer. Tried it before I knew what I was doing. I have since learned that on devices that allow secondary panels, they have another process, separate from the node add, to add a panel. Anyway, my discovery let’s me use non secure nodes on both devices until HA allows secondary panels.


Thanks for this information. I am very new and waiting for my pi and other sensors to arrive. I also want to use a 2gig control panel as secondary panel for HA. appreciate if you can guide me for the setup.



As far as I can tell, Home Assistant does not support secondary panels. As described in my post before yours, you can follow the 2gig instructions to setup the the 2gig as a secondary panel and use HA to add the panel as a secure node. With this method, unsecure nodes (lights, switches, outlets) will transfer to the 2gig but secure nodes (locks, garage door openers) will not.

I would love it if Home Assistant added support for secondary panels but there does not seem to be much interest.

Also, depending on your model, the GC3 has two wired zones that can be connected to Z-wave relays (basically just an input boolean in HA). Once connected, you could set wired zone 1 to report burglar alarms and wired zone 2 to report smoke/fire alarms.