Secure HA MQTT cliënt to Mosquitto broker not working anymore


I run HA 2023.6.2 docker and a Mosquitto 2.0.15 docker on the same Rpi.
Since yesterday I can no longer connect the HA MQTT integration with my Mosquitto broker using port 8883 with certificates and usercredentials.
Connecting to port 1883 without certificates and user credentials works normally.
I had tested with MQTT explorer against the Mosquitto broker using port 8883, certificates and user credentials and this works fine.

HA gives the following error in its logs:

2023-06-16 12:40:01.210 ERROR (Thread-21 (_thread_main)) [paho.mqtt.client] Error: Unrecognised command 16
2023-06-16 12:40:02.230 ERROR (Thread-21 (_thread_main)) [paho.mqtt.client] Error: Unrecognised command 16
2023-06-16 12:40:04.235 ERROR (Thread-21 (_thread_main)) [paho.mqtt.client] Error: Unrecognised command 16

When I try to add the secure broker. Anyone any idea? Certificates are alll ok as are the usercredentials

I have updated to Mosquitto 2.0.15 from 2.0.14 but I have also downgraden the Mosquitto docker without and result.
Gr. Remco