Secure Inclusion?

I added my first Z-wave device - an enbrighten light switch. During inclusion, HA asked for a 5 digit PIN for my device. I submitted without entering anything. It then added the device with a warning that it was added insecurely (“There was an error during secure inclusion”).

Some questions…

  1. Is this because I didn’t enter a PIN? Or because the device doesn’t support secure inclusion?
  2. Do I just make up any PIN? Use the same PIN for all devices in the house?
  3. Should I even care about inclusion being secure in a suburban home?



The former. It wouldn’t ask for the PIN if it wasn’t supported.

No, you use the PIN that came with the device. It’s unique per device. You can also scan the QR code instead and not have to worry about entering any PIN as it’s determined automatically.

That’s a personal consideration, based on your risk factors. For most people, not a risk. I have lots of insecure light switches because security isn’t even supported. I’m not worried about them. There are other benefits to S2 security though such as guaranteed integrity of messages and acknowledgement, but those are less needed for a light switch and more important for security devices.

If S2 is supported, I include the device with it since it’s the default. I don’t bother manually included insecure.

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One of the Zwave devices that I have a number of is the GE ZW2006 dimmer switch. I notice when I include one, it asks for a PIN. But I don’t know the PIN and the switch itself does not seem to have a QR code or PIN on it unless I’m blind. I also checked the manual and there was no mention of a PIN.

Anyone know where I might find the PIN for one of these? Or is this just a case where adding it unsecured is the best path…?