Secure node or not?


At first having issues to setup a network key for ZWave, I have paired all my devices in non secure mode. Then I finally figured out the issue for the network key and so is now able to add devices in secure mode. If I have well understood Zwave network, it means that secure and non secure devices can not mesh together right ? So I guess it would be better to remove and repair all devices that are currently paired in non secure mode ??
If so how can I check which devices are in non secure mode to avoid to repair everything ? in ZWCP I found nothing in all technical details of each ZWave devices is it’s paired in secure or not :frowning: did I miss something ??



Usually only barrier devices use secure mode, ie: Door Locks, Garage Door Openers, and some Meters
If you were able to pair them unsecurely then they don’t require and may not support a secure pairing mode.

Usually in the OZW_Log.txt you will see a node stating something about an encrypted packet, those are usually secured nodes.

@firstof9 thanks for explanation but what about mesh between secure and non secure devices ? as I’m already extremely disappointed by the very poor radio range of ZWave devices and if I don’t have efficient mesh it’ll never work well I guess :frowning:

There should be no issues with some nodes being secure, since it’s that particular node’s traffic that’s encrypted. That traffic will still route through the mesh.

If you’re having range issues, you need to provide details. At the very least, the distance between the nodes, and the material between them (walls, radiators, water tanks, etc etc). The 100m node to node range in the spec is under perfect conditions, in reality you can expect a fraction of that indoors. The more RF obstructions in the way, the shorter that range. Heck, stick a pair of devices either side of a central heating radiator (metal case, water inner) and you may find they can’t transmit across a 10cm gap.

I don’t know about mesh, but direct assosiations definitely don’t work between unsecure and secure.

All nodes on a Zwave network (non battery powered) work as a relay/range booster. They will relay any Zwave traffic that’s not intended for them on to the next node secure or not.

Example: my garage door opener is a secure node, but it still passes traffic for my power meter and GE light switch.


@Tinkerer @firstof9 thanks you too for confirmation it’s fine for the mix between secure/unsecured devices for the mesh thing to still work fine :slight_smile: I’ll juste take use to add all future devices in secured mode if they support it !

@Tinkerer for the range it’s really strange and after reading few posts in Razpberry forum it looks like my board has a hardware problem as everything more far than 3 meters looks to be more or less unavalaible (tested with devices on power to be sure not to be mistaken by sleep mode of battery powered devices !

Yeah, more than 3 meters should be fine, as long as you’ve not got any interference. I’ve got a couple of devices about 10m away, with walls and furniture in the way. On the other hand, I’ve got one that’s about 6m away, but the items between the controller and it means that there’s no direct route.

If you’ve nothing between the Razberry board, and the device, then yeah, you’ve got a faulty board.