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Secure remote access to Home Assistant using Tor


Exactly the same error here… And additional this similar one:

Logging in with Home Assistant Local .
Error: Message format incorrect: required key not provided @ data[‘redirect_uri’]

Already set the base_url in configuration.yaml to my .onion domain, but that doesn’t help and is not needed as far as I have understood.

So could anybody help with this?


Pretty sure this is a Firefox issue:

So TOR is not going to work either.
I managed to troubleshoot my port forwarding issues and so moved away from using .onion service

Seems it has been fixed here:


Hope it’s fixed in the next update

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Which Android Tor browser do you recommend?

With Tor browser reach my hass instance but I receive this error

Logging in with Home Assistant Local.
Error: Message format incorrect: required key not provided @ data[‘client_id’]


Followed the instructions and i have the same config as this one.
I can open the 8123:80 just fine and everything works well but accesing Node Red from the menu it navigates me to

Any hints what might be the issue?



I have a Synology NAS at home. I run a VPN server on that. I connect the client to my VPN from anywere. (no ports open)
And I can control everything.
So you’ll need a device to run a server and a OpenVPN client. A lot of routers can be used as a OpenVPN server.


I thought that to use VPN you need to open at least one port in the router


My mistake, you right.