Securely Added Switches Have High Latency

I just received some of the new Inovelli switches ( They’re great except for one shortcoming.
When I add them securely, they have huge latency in toggling them remotely. When I re-associated one of them non-securely, the latency on it disappeared.

What are the consequences of this? Are non-secure nodes subject to sniffing and spoofing? (Can someone turn my lights into a disco rave?)

Is there any known way to reduce this latency? Could it be a function of my dongle? (

Secure adds a significant overhead in communication, what was one packet is now (from memory) four.

You really only need secure for locks and other security devices IMO. Unless you think you’re the target of a sophisticated and determined attacker, in which case maybe wireless communication is a bad thing :wink:

Will a device capable of secure communications still work as a repeater for locks, if added as a non-secure device?

Yes, non-secure devices relay the messages.

@Tinkerer Thank you, good to know and will try.

Yeah, cos then they blink your lights on in coded patterns that hypnotise you to buy tightly whites and spotted socks. :wink:
Just cos I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me. :crazy_face:
Generally I only put items requiring secure nodes on as such.
I do find it irritating that most scene controllers require this including say a fibaro dimmer that you want to use the second switch of

@Tinkerer Your earlier answer led me to wonder: Why do they make the range extender 6 to replace the original? -marketing…

:man_shrugging: You’d have to ask the manufacturer why :wink:

I could make a bunch of guesses - but they’d just be guesses. Given the costs of new Z-Wave devices, pure marketing is unlikely to be the reason though.