Security cam for motion detection and face recongition

Hi, I wish to integrate my Xiaomi ir and door/windows sensors with cameras to activate a motion detection and face detection sourveillance with Home Assistant (e.g. OpenCV).
Since Xiaomi cameras are difficult to use with HA without change firmware… Which low cost compatible wifi camera you suggest me?

Wansview. $49USD wifi cam

Also, you may use external nvr like zoneminder or motioneye to record camera feed. These will send motion event into HA

Someone know if SV3C cameras are compatible with HA?

I read many good review of Foscam FI9900P anyone is using it with Home Assistant?
Is it a good outdoor cam?
Is possible to use it without NVR?

i got the F19828P V2 its a little more expensive but has PTZ.
there are more foscam users here, but i dont know for that specific cam.
i wrote a foscam app to use with HA and its working fine.

if you mean network video recording then yeah thats possible.
i let my cams send there motion detected video to my local FTP server.

hmm reading back you want without NVR?
where do you want to save then, if not on your network?

Since FI19828P is too expensive I decided to buy the FI9900P… I wish to save data on my QNAP NAS, is it possible?

should be possible