Security for Z-Wave devices

I decided to add security to my Z-Wave network. In Z-Wave JS UI → Settings → Z-Wave section, I entered keys for “S2 Unauthenticated,” “S2 Authenticated,” and “S2 Access Control.” I had a key for the “S0 Legacy” section.

I removed a Z-Wave device using the exclusion method. After that, I restarted my HA. I added a Z-Wave device using the inclusion method. I did the same for two more Z-Wave devices. Every device that I added, was added without security. Any ideas why?

At first, you need to be sure, that the added devices do support that security class :wink:

Thank you for your reply. I thought that all Z-Wave Plus devices supported security.

If not, how can I find the list of supported devices?

As you can see on my picture, I use 46202 devices. Here is an article about them.

I don’t know, how it is done in Zwave JS UI, but in the HA native Zwave JS you can semi force the secure inclusion. I hope, someone can help you with that, I have no experience there…

Thank you.

Anyone? I select this when I do inclusion:

It looks like the NZW37 doesn’t support any security.

For the Enbrighten ones, did you get a prompt for a PIN code? That would mean it’s being included with S2 Auth. If so, pay attention to the inclusion result, you get a warning message if secure inclusion failed or not. If it failed, you have to try again.

Thank you. After I rebooted HA, I was able to add all compatible switches.

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