Security help, someone keeps trying to login

Over the last week I’ve been getting notifications from Home Assistant of failed login attempts. It shows me the IP address where the request was made and they always point to Amazon data centers. Which makes me think someone is making use of a temporary vm, and attempting to get into my network.

I have ipban enabled, but since they can keep getting new ip addresses forever it’s not really protecting me. Maybe slowing them down a bit or annoying them.

My question is what suggestions or advice do you have to make my network more secure. Are there any key add-ons I should be using. All of this has been a learning process for me, its going slowly but its going. I have the duckdns/lets encrypt to make use of mobile trackers. I’m not really sure what else I should be looking into or trying to learn/setup to make my network more secure. Is there anything I can do to better prevent these login attempts? I also turned on 2 factor authentication and I have a strong/unique password.


  1. Enable MFA in your user profile, and in all user profiles
  2. Ensure that you’re using a strong password (use a password generator in a password manager)
  3. Consider not using port 443 - that’ll cut down on the noise

Do not use port forward to access from outside.

Try to use a VPN Server on your router or lan and access via VPN as you are in house