Security Issue with My NAS - Need Help

Hi everyone,

I received a notification on my Home Assistant dashboard about a security issue with my NAS (see attached image). The notification indicates that the NAS is “Unsafe,” but there are no further details provided.

When I check the settings on my NAS (Synology), I can’t find any alerts or issues.

Details from the dashboard notification:

  • History: Unsafe
  • Attributes:
    • Malware: safe
    • Network: warning
    • SecuritySetting: safe
    • SystemCheck: safe
    • Update: info
    • UserInfo: safe

Has anyone encountered a similar issue or knows how to resolve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Have you checked the DSM security advisor? It seems this sensor is being fed by it:

I believe you should see a warining here on the network for your NAS:

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That’s great, it indeed pointed out where the issue is. How simple. Thank you very much for the help!

Great to hear. If you could mark the issue as resolved. I believe you can do it from the 3 dots on my post.