See future google calendar events as entities

The calendar dashboard can show all the events in a google calendar but we can’t interact with them as entities, only the next(current) one is an entity.

Are you interested in something like an entity for a recurring event?

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Your suggestion of a recurring event is very interesting indeed. I am also searching for a solution for the following.
When we wake up, we have HA - Google telling us what is on the (Outlook) agenda. To establish that, we send an invite to a Google Calendar and add a tag to the appointment, e.g. #Work[n], with n = 1, 2, 3 etc. for the multiple instances of work appointments. When entering appointments, errors are easily made.
So I would be very interested in the possibility that the entity is not a single value be a series of values.

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There was a way to separate calendar entries into separate “virtual” calendars/entities.
However, since the Google integration into core HA, I’m note sure if that’s possible with the core setup.

I’d set mine up in the old way and it still continues to work with separate calendar entities.
But, yes, it would be great if they could work this way natively too.

This was the reference that I followed to set it up.

Thanks for the reply!

That was my main use. Coming from a large family I wanted to track everyone’s birthday and anniversary. My thought was to perform some calculations on the dates such as days until, years since, and then maybe put it on a dashboard somewhere, trigger automations, etc.

They will already be in google calendar so I didn’t want to recreate all of them in a custom component. Reoccurring events feels like a great starting place. There are other google calendar things like tasks, goals, and reminders but personally I am only looking for events right now but you can imagine the use cases others may have for tasks and reminders.

My ‘virtual’ calendars broke today.
Not sure if it was 2022.11 that did it or if a cache of calendar history expired following a previous update.

In the end I had to create individual calendars and split up all my schedule event types just to maintain the current scheduling I have in place. If I didn’t do that today then I’d wake up to a cold house tomorrow morning and a lot of other automations wouldn’t trigger :frowning:

Fixed in a patch release

Yup, but the WTH request would be a great addition

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