See if a log book entry was triggered by Node-red?

All my logbook entries that were triggered via Node-red or HA automations show my name next to them. Is there a way to have entries caused by Node-red to have another username there so I can see what caused the state change?

SmartThings was nice in that it showed the exact automation that caused the state change - is there anything similar in HA?


I would appreciate this too.
Really go off the handle and tell you which flow triggered it, if they had flow ids.
Maybe they do but they’re just hidden.
NR could use a little more structure in that aspect.

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+1, this would make troubleshooting so much easier and a significant improvement to general useability.


Creating a separate Home Assistant user for Node-RED and using their access token will give you the ability to track which entities were changed by Node-RED.

Hi Kermit, thanks for that, and that’s what I am currently doing. However, it would be nice to track which individual flow changed the entities.

I’m in the process of adding manual log book updated into my flows, which I wish I had done a year ago when I first started building them :slight_smile:

lol, double thank you @Kermit . Just noticed I worked out how to do it from a test flow you added to a conversation back in 2019!