See Switches Replacement Smart Plug Top

Has anyone tried these ? It says it uses the Smartlife App so might tuya convert.
Looks a good idea for portable devices such as irons, etc where a plug in adapter would be inconvenient

EDIT. Just ordered one to give it a go

Received this plug today.

I opened it up, simple task, 3 screws - the main screw holding the connections cover is a triangle security screw but it comes with a tool to open it.
The second two screws are below this cover are a slot type security screw, then it just levers apart.
The ESP8266EX board is easy to access and solder pins to for flashing. I found the correct pin out here (different device but worked great). No Red LED present on this device

I used ESPHOME based on these pins and it uses the HLW8012 power chip so ESPHOME supports that.

Works as expected, and now can put these onto portable devices for power monitoring/presence.