Seeed 60GHz Sleep Sensor (Beta Firmware for HA)

I have edited the Arduino Code for this module to work with Home Assistant.
Original Code from supplier.

The firmware is for ESP32.

Esp Vcc → Sensor 5V
Esp Gnd → Sensor GND
Esp IO16(Rx) → Sensor Tx
Esp IO17(Tx) → Sensor Rx

After the connection power up ESP.
A new AP should be available on WiFi to connect to with name: SleepSensor
Connecting to the AP should open a webpage ( )
Click to “Configure WiFi”
Insert WiFi Credentials + Mqtt Settings

If everything working there should be a new MQTT device available in HA with the name: SleepSensor

Bonus: If you give the http://ESP_IP/update (where ESP_IP the ip from the SleepSensor) in your browser you should get a page where you can flash a bin file to your esp allowing for OTA future updates.

It’s not so elegant as ESPHome but it works…

You can flash the code with ESPHome flasher…

.bin firmware

Thanks for BETA testing… Your comments are useful for the development…

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I didn’t think I was going to find someone also working on this… I am happy to be your beta tester! I was trying to get their code over to ESPhome and realized that it was way over my head (don’t have any experience with UART sensors). Nonetheless, I have two of these and would love to get them working for presence and HR/RR detection.

I’ll work on installing tonight and let you know how it goes. Thanks for all of your work!

Nevermind, looks like that .bin file is no longer available on the website. Send me a link when you are able to upload again!

I had the same idea to use MQTT and did have some success creating a device and sensors in HA using that method. I’ve also managed to create a proper ESPHome integration if interested I’m happy to share. I feel like this is old so you probably found a way :wink:

Sorry for the late reply, I have abandoned this project since the results that the sensor gives, aren’t really accurate.
Thank you for your interest!

That’s understandable, I’ve also shifted focus away from the sleep radar and I’ve made a fairly comprehensive Fall Detection integration for ESP instead. The FDA firmware seems to have better range and is further along in its development, and works much better as a presence/motion/activity sensor than the BHA firmware. I can’t make any claim as to the accuracy of the actual fall detection features, but it does seem to work in my tests.