Seeing someone else's devices in my logs!

Hi. I am relatively new to Home Assistant and I love it. But today, I discovered some concerning entries in my “Home Assistant Core” log.

I am currently a trial user for the HA cloud service, so I can only imagine that is where this is coming from, but I see someone else’s DropCam camera streams via their Stream integration in my log.

This is certainly not my device. I don’t even have the Stream integration running on my HA.

I am running the Oracle VirtualBox VM on Windows 11 and I see that entry (and a few other similar DropCam cameras) in my log when I am logged in via homeassistant.local. (My HA password is complex and secure.)

What is going on here?

Thanks for your help!

Do you have a Nest Camera? I believe that is where that is coming from. I have similar entries in my logs.

nest camera or even google Home Max which has a camera.

Hello Scott, thanks for your reply. I DO have Nest cameras.

This is wacky. It even shows the names of their cameras, like “front door” and “basement 2” which I don’t use.