Seeking Advice on Streamlining Home Assistant Core for Low-Spec Device

Hello everyone,

I’m working on modifying the Home Assistant Core container to run efficiently on an old, low-spec device (my old Android tablet with very limited storage ). My goal is to lighten up the HA Core container image as much as possible while retaining essential functionalities. I specifically need to support the frontend, the default integrations and the Matter integration. (All of my IOT devices are Matter-over-wifi devices).

  1. My current setup:
  • OS: Emulated Alpine Linux via Termux and QEMU on my old Android tablet (:heavy_check_mark: done)
  • Docker: Successfully installed and functional on emulated Alpine Linux (:heavy_check_mark: done)
  • Python Matter Server: Running successfully in a docker container on emulated Alpine Linux (:heavy_check_mark: done)
  1. Objective: Now I am looking to self-build a lightweight version of the Home Assistant Core container image but am unsure about which parts of the source code can be safely removed or modified. I also need guidance on how to adjust the build script accordingly. Could anyone provide insights or suggestions on which components of the Home Assistant Core are safe to eliminate or modify for this purpose? Any advice on tweaking the build script would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!