Seeking advise on proper coverage and usage of motion sensors

Hi Community!

Need your advice as I never worked with motion sensors and don’t understand yet their specifics.

My goal is to cover my hallway and staircase with motions sensors (hue sensors it will be).
Here is the floorplan of my upper floor (in red I marked the location of lights, in blue - my assumtions on possible locations of motion sensors)

My intentions are:

  • to automatically turn on lights in hallway (especially during the night, on minimum brightness)
  • avoid as much as possible false triggers from my cat. especially my concerns here is related to angle of the motion sensor(s) for staircase
  • ideally to understand the pattern when someone is going downstairs (and in the night to automatically turn on some background light) - for that purpose I thought I will need at least 2 sensors on the staircase and build an automation which will check if lower sensor (closer to first floor) is triggered and the one on the upstairs was triggered maximum 5-10 seconds before - to turn on the lights, otherwise - means someone is going upstairs and I will turn on lights only on a staircase.
  • also, do I need 2 sensors along bathrooms or the angle from one of them will be sufficient to cover entire hallway like here in green?

According to the tech specs it should be enough to cover everything with even 2 sensors, like this, but that is theory, and I’m wondering how it works in practice
Theoretically like this with 2 (on staircse one, slightly bent downside to the first floor, to cover first steps of the stairs):

Thanks for any advice