Seeking Hardware - Electronic Water Valve

Looking to see if anyone has any idea on a simple water valve I could control via a tasmota enabled relay or something…

Ya see, teenagers have zero concept of time when in the shower apparently and we’ve already had the talk about being mindful of the hot water, and others that need to use it so now the shower will turn into a timed shower as if you were camping…

So as a result, I am looking for an in line valve to shut off the hot water supply after a predetermined amount of time.

Next will be quarter deposit slot(LIKE YOUR ACTUALLY CAMPING) for the water to come back on, Then when you gotta pay for it, your probably not gonna take an hour long shower.

Some I have seen are probaby not rated for a hot water line, and others are just boxes with a servo/motor or something that manually move an inline mechanical ball valve, just trying to see if anyone else has used anything for other things such as leak detection/water shut off and can help me better source a decent solution

Is that not what you need?

What kind of valve are you trying to close?

I use a zwave valve operator from Dome and it works fine and I trigger it to close if any basement water sensors detect water.


is what not what I need? A ball valve? I was thinking a non manual one, or something that just automates a regular ball valve. But if there was something less stone age than relying on an arm oddly fastened to another arm and hoping it will actually have enough force to move valve is my issue.



In combination with a Shelly 2 or Sonoff Dual

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Trying to find the best fit for what I am looking to do