Seems sengled bulbs DO act as repeaters

Just noticed, according to my deCONZ network map my newest sengled bulbs are acting as zigbee repeaters… I find this strange as sengled say they are not repeaters, but I have noticed its only my brand new ones… my last gen ones (the ones with a frosted dome) do not seem to act as repeaters.

FYI deconz lists the repeating bulbs as routers.

Anyone else use sengled?

I have several Sengled A11 Multicolor bulbs. I think 16 are currently in service. All of them report as EndDevice. Perhaps deCONZ is misreporting?

Mine are described as “Sengled Element Plus, Smart Led Light”. I’m not sure but deconz reports them as routers and shows end devices connected to them… also they’ve mostly connected to each other too to re-enforce the mesh.